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Tecido em Rolos


It all started back in 2004 with Mr. Fang and his small trading shop. Truly passionated about fabrics' development and design, and full of ideas and a deep dedication, he soon started to grow his business from a trading to a manufacturing one. With an open-mind and a keen understanding of the industry trends, a never-ending willingness to improve and innovate, the growth has been steady.

So, in 2008 he opened the first site for digital printing (AKA "Jiexiang"), then in 2010 added the glitter fabrics manufacturing (AKA "Lingsi"), in 2014 added the knitting skills and in 2015 added the sequins and embroidery capabilities (AKA "Jinxiu").

With nearly 30% business growth each year and its subsequent increasing space needs, over the time LingGan had to relocate the factory plant and has created a Sales force to better support business in Europe and US. 

After more than 10 years of product development and research, with a in-house design team, LingGan is committed to launch new and exciting fabrics throughout each year.

While able to meet needs and requirements from different brands from all over the world, from athletics to fashion ones as well as exclusive and high-end designers, LingGan provides them all with a bespoke development in timely manner. 


With a transparent supply chain, LingGan is frequently audited by third parties, and is proud to be a reliable supplier, establishing long-term relationships, and implementing continuous optimization efforts.

Since 2017, LingGan has been focusing on presenting sustainable alternatives to its products. With GRS and GOTS certifications, LingGan also works with biodegradable glitter, botanic dyes, TENCEL™ and SeaCell™, among other sustainable fibers and materials, and always has a permanent effort to test novel concepts.

Employing nearly 200 workers, it presents an overall monthly capacity of 2M yards and an annual outcome of nearly 12M$.

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"Our company achievements are a result of our professionalism, focus, hard work, and constant innovation and continuous update of our technologies, raw materials and knowledge. And of course, endless inspiration."

Fang Wanbo

Image by Ian Schneider


Provide a seamlessly customer experience, by granting an efficient service, ensuring sourcing requests are quickly handled, product developments are executed, material delivered in timely manner, and quality issues solved.

Continuous seek for innovation, sustainable and improvement initiatives, based on a keen understanding of the industry trends and willingness to learn and become better.

About us: Sobre nós
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